Pros and Cons of Wearing Glasses

I’ve been wearing glasses now for a couple of years and there are definitely some pros and cons of wearing them. Maybe you can relate to my love/hate relationship with my glasses.



  • They cover up third eye zits. You know the ones that horrifyingly show up right between the eyes.
  • Looking like a hipster comes naturally. (This one depends on what type of glasses you wear, but who wouldn’t want to be a hipster once in a while?)
  • You look smarter – I know this is a stereotype, but sometimes I just feel smarter.
  • They’re an easy accessory. Sometimes I feel like when I wear my glasses, I don’t need to try as hard on jewelry.
  • No makeup? No problem.
  • Your eyebrows don’t have to always be on fleek. Having a bad eyebrow day? Have no fear, cover them up with glasses!
  • You can dramatically throw them off whenever you feel like it.


  • Rain. Need I say more?
  • Red marks on the nose. No matter what type of glasses you wear, those little red marks feel permanent.
  • Fogginess. Wash the dishes? Fog. Drink coffee? Fog.
  • Smudges. My glasses seem to always have some sort of smudge on them.
  • Spent an hour on perfect winged eyeliner? Don’t worry. No one will notice behind your glasses.
  • Hats + glasses = a hot mess. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I feel overwhelmed when I’m wearing my glasses and I put on a hat.
  • Sports are a danger zone. I didn’t do a whole lot of sports, but glasses definitely get in the way.

If you were wondering, here is a lazy Sunday selfie of me and my glasses:


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2 thoughts on “Pros and Cons of Wearing Glasses

  1. I used to wear glasses and yes, the red marks on the nose and fogginess were a pain. However, when I was teaching they did give me a bit of protection from children waving their pencils around! Thanks for sharing with the BlogFair


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