10 Things I Believe

1. I believe that Jesus Christ died for my sins and he is my savior. I know, typical number one belief, but hey, we all have to start somewhere!  


2. I believe that we can love somebody and completely disagree with their lifestyle. For example, I love my gay friend to death, but I disagree with the way he lives his life. And this is okay! Trust me!


3. I believe in respect where respect is due. I’m first to admit that I don’t always respect people when I should, but respecting others is so important in a world full of hate.


4. I believe in getting an education. School may be boring and tiresome, but the power of an education shouldn’t be underestimated.


5. I believe in marriage. I know, I’m not married nor have I ever been, but I believe in the power of marriage. It’s admirable. Marriage is a gift from God and it should be treated that way.


6. I believe in love. Could I get any more cliche? I really do though. I believe in the love that God has for His people. I believe in the love that a mother has for her child. I believe in the love a dog has for his owner.


7. I believe in forgiveness. I am always one to fall short of forgiving others, but when I do find the strength to forgive, I am so much better in the long run.


8. I believe in children. I believe that they are the light of the world and that they can teach us far more than we can teach them.


9. I believe in the power of a smile. Really. One smile can go a long way. I challenge you to smile at everyone you see for an entire day. Notice the difference.


10. I believe in chocolate cake. That’s all. 


These beliefs are my beliefs and I encourage you to share your own. I do not expect anyone to completely agree with what I believe and that is fine and dandy in my book.