My Current Accessory Obsession

Lately there has been a particular accessory that has been catching my eye..

.accessory obsession

I’m in love with spoon rings right now! I’ve been obsessing over these lately as my latest fashion statement. I’m not sure if they are just popular where I live or if it’s everywhere. I think the are so classic and I love the chunky look of multiple spoon rings on one hand. One on each finger if you can handle it! My obsession began a while ago when I saw that my grandma was wearing these very cool chunky rings. Since then, I have seen them on multiple people and definitely on Pinterest.

There are lots of DIY spoon rings on Pinterest, but personally I like to buy mine at antique stores. I love how vintage they feel and they’re really easy to come by. Often times, they are really affordable and come in so many different sizes. This is important to me because my ring finger size is 3.5! Because they are literally made from spoons, the antique ones are usually real silver and can be shined to sparkle. A little elbow grease is all you need to make one of these beautiful rings to shine like new.

In case you were wondering what spoon rings are, here’s a little collage of spoon rings!

spoon rings


I also thought I would share my most recent finds at my local antique store:

FullSizeRender (2)  FullSizeRender (3)

The one on my thumb is from a silver plated spoon and the one on my hand is a sterling silver spoon. I think they are sooo cute!

Let my know if you guys are in love with this look as well!