My Current Accessory Obsession

Lately there has been a particular accessory that has been catching my eye..

.accessory obsession

I’m in love with spoon rings right now! I’ve been obsessing over these lately as my latest fashion statement. I’m not sure if they are just popular where I live or if it’s everywhere. I think the are so classic and I love the chunky look of multiple spoon rings on one hand. One on each finger if you can handle it! My obsession began a while ago when I saw that my grandma was wearing these very cool chunky rings. Since then, I have seen them on multiple people and definitely on Pinterest.

There are lots of DIY spoon rings on Pinterest, but personally I like to buy mine at antique stores. I love how vintage they feel and they’re really easy to come by. Often times, they are really affordable and come in so many different sizes. This is important to me because my ring finger size is 3.5! Because they are literally made from spoons, the antique ones are usually real silver and can be shined to sparkle. A little elbow grease is all you need to make one of these beautiful rings to shine like new.

In case you were wondering what spoon rings are, here’s a little collage of spoon rings!

spoon rings


I also thought I would share my most recent finds at my local antique store:

FullSizeRender (2)  FullSizeRender (3)

The one on my thumb is from a silver plated spoon and the one on my hand is a sterling silver spoon. I think they are sooo cute!

Let my know if you guys are in love with this look as well!


100 Things to do When You’re Bored!

I’ve been a little on the bored side lately, so I though I would make a list to help you out if you’re feeling bored too!

100 Things to do When You're...

  1. Make a blog! Like this one!
  2. Paint your toe nails, they could always use it!
  3. Bake cookies
  4. Try out new makeup
  5. If it’s sunny, lay in the sun and get a tan
  6. If it’s rainy, netflix.
  7. Make flubber
  8. Color code your keys
  9. Paint old wine bottles
  10. Learn how to crochet
  11. Learn how to knit
  12. Plant flowers
  13. Start a garden
  14. Create an exercise routine that works for you!
  15. Make tissue paper flowers
  16. Read the bible
  17. Make t-shirt headbands
  18. Create a bucket list
  19. Go to a restaurant and only get dessert
  20. Attempt hair styles from youtube videos
  21. Wander around Target
  22. Make a planner
  23. Clean out your car (you know you need to..)
  24. Tie dye socks
  25. Go to your closet and come up with three new outfits
  26. Make a fort
  27. Make friendship bracelets
  28. Paint rocks
  29. Make pom-poms
  30. Paint feathers
  31. Look for wild flowers in your yard
  32. Make a flower headband
  33. Try to do zentangle
  34. Clean your makeup brushes
  35. Thread wrap your headphones
  36. Take a bubble bath
  37. Make thank you cards for your favorite people
  38. Learn origami
  39. Make popsicle stick boats
  40. Make paper bag puppets
  41. Have a water balloon fight
  42. Have a paint fight
  43. Flashlight tag
  44. Mason jar crafts
  45. Learn how to decorate cakes
  46. Put socks on your cat or dog
  47. Cut up old magazines and make a collage
  48. Make canvas decorations
  49. Washi tape on anything
  50. Color a light bulb with a sharpie
  51. Build a house out of cards
  52. Make melted crayon art
  53. Make a dream catcher
  54. Make a bird house
  55. Cloud watch
  56. Make paper snowflakes/flowers/art
  57. Make a rug
  58. Rearrange your bedroom
  59. Make a paint chip calendar
  60. Make a snow-globe
  61. Blow bubbles
  62. Collect snails
  63. Learn to play the piano
  64. Choreograph a dance to your favorite song
  65. Puff paint a shirt
  66. Call your mom
  67. Try fruit infused water
  68. Revamp old picture frames
  69. Relearn Miss Mary Mack
  70. Pretend to be goth for the day
  71. Put clothes on your cat and laugh
  72. Make a tie blanket
  73. Make your animated self on My Idol app
  74. Make a seasonal wreath
  75. Make a lava lamp
  76. Write a family play
  77. Make popsicles
  78. Make a candle
  79. Mail a letter to your grandparents
  80. Finger paint
  81. Mod Podge glitter on your phone charger
  82. Jump rope
  83. Go to the park and just swing
  84. Make illustrations for your favorite book
  85. Make play doh
  86. Give Barbie a new hair cut
  87. Leave compliment letters around town
  88. Go on a scavenger hunt
  89. Get a beta fish
  90. Turn old t-shirts into tank tops
  91. Go to a pond/lake/river and feed the ducks
  92. Leave messages on mirrors with dry erase markers
  93. Do a puzzle
  94. Buy cool stuff at the dollar store
  95. Make paper dolls
  96. Have a paper airplane competition
  97. Make a fortune teller
  98. Go on a picnic
  99. Have a tea party
  100. Make helpful kits for local homeless people

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Pros and Cons of Wearing Glasses

I’ve been wearing glasses now for a couple of years and there are definitely some pros and cons of wearing them. Maybe you can relate to my love/hate relationship with my glasses.



  • They cover up third eye zits. You know the ones that horrifyingly show up right between the eyes.
  • Looking like a hipster comes naturally. (This one depends on what type of glasses you wear, but who wouldn’t want to be a hipster once in a while?)
  • You look smarter – I know this is a stereotype, but sometimes I just feel smarter.
  • They’re an easy accessory. Sometimes I feel like when I wear my glasses, I don’t need to try as hard on jewelry.
  • No makeup? No problem.
  • Your eyebrows don’t have to always be on fleek. Having a bad eyebrow day? Have no fear, cover them up with glasses!
  • You can dramatically throw them off whenever you feel like it.


  • Rain. Need I say more?
  • Red marks on the nose. No matter what type of glasses you wear, those little red marks feel permanent.
  • Fogginess. Wash the dishes? Fog. Drink coffee? Fog.
  • Smudges. My glasses seem to always have some sort of smudge on them.
  • Spent an hour on perfect winged eyeliner? Don’t worry. No one will notice behind your glasses.
  • Hats + glasses = a hot mess. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I feel overwhelmed when I’m wearing my glasses and I put on a hat.
  • Sports are a danger zone. I didn’t do a whole lot of sports, but glasses definitely get in the way.

If you were wondering, here is a lazy Sunday selfie of me and my glasses:


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